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Heck no love for widow

These are awesome! Bought them instantly. 
I can see there was a poll in July 2019, will you be considering adding more anytime soon? :)

Thanks. Wish I could update the project, currently loaded of work, may wait a little more for OW2 to come closer and upload a bunch of content all togheter.

Um i don't know how to use the emojis in you need to upload the files onto it or something?

Hi, if you have a Discord server go to Configuration and a tab named Emoji will appear. 

You can upload up to 50 emojis to use on your server, but you need Discord Nitro to use them globally or add gifs.

Thank you and keep up the good work!!!!

Where's Winston??? :O

I want to use this on my stream but I play winston so much my viewers may notice there are no winston emojis. </3 pls add winton i will gladly donate to you again!!!

hi! I didnt made Winston, but Im sure I can upload him before the weekend. Thanks for the support!

Agh I actually also realized that Moira and Ana are missing too, I play a lot of them as well... oops. Should have added a comment earlier. If you add all of them I will be filled with undying gratitude. But like take your time don't worry about getting it done fast! I'll be fine without them I'm not starting streaming until mid october anyway

Are they free for commercial use?

It is a great work. Love the style!

Thanks, they are only free for non-commercial use.

You can add it to any discord server or any twitch channel as you wish.

such a talent and beautiful work. one question what size every emoji is?


Thanks for the words, they are all 32x32 px.